Stop using Twitter, Facebook, and Google SEM and SEO to promote your products.

Publishing press releases is an effective method to promote products, increase brand exposure, and attract the attention of a target audience. However, for some startups or budget-constrained businesses expanding globally, affording hefty distribution fees can be challenging. Fortunately, there are numerous media websites today that offer free press release distribution services, allowing messages to reach a global audience without additional costs. These sites provide a platform for easily publishing and promoting product-related press releases, reaching media and potential clients across various industry sectors.

When choosing a free press release distribution site that suits your needs, consider several factors: coverage, audience targeting, publishing features, and credibility. Below, we’ve compiled a list of websites offering free press release distribution services. Although free services likely have limitations, they still cover a broad audience. By utilizing these platforms, you can maximize the reach of your press releases and connect with potential clients, media professionals, and industry figures. Enjoy a 30% free preview, and for the remaining 70%, support me with a $5 coffee to read the full content.

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  1. PRLog

Overview: This platform distributes press releases to a broad media spectrum. It includes immediate approval but limits publications to two per day. PRLog reaches an extensive audience network through comprehensive distribution tools, social sharing, and a tagging list.


2. OpenPR

Overview: A fast and user-friendly press release distribution service, allowing users one free press release per month. Paid plans and press release writing services are also available. This platform provides easy-to-use distribution services to connect businesses with a vast number of global decision-makers.


3. IssueWire

Overview: Publications are syndicated across over 150 media platforms. However, the free plan does not guarantee placement or inclusion on Google, Google News, Yahoo, Bing, and Apple News. Key services include social media sharing, embedded videos, analytics, and press release writing services.


4. Online PR Media

Overview: Online PR Media offers a free plan and multiple media visibility packages to meet business needs. The free plan is very limited and contains ads. Press releases are distributed to industry journals, print media, broadcast outlets, and various social media platforms.


Remember, the effectiveness of a press release doesn’t just depend on the distribution service but also the content’s quality. Ensure your press releases are well-written, engaging, and newsworthy. They should accurately represent your brand and message, appealing to both media outlets and your target audience.

Lastly, while free services offer valuable opportunities for publicity, they come with limitations compared to paid services. It’s essential to evaluate your specific needs and goals, and if your budget allows, consider investing in paid press release distribution for broader coverage and more comprehensive services.